Missing this little kid. Can’t wait to see her and bicker with her tomorrow!

Adulting at 34 years old

Lloyd and I just got back from a ‘quick’ trip to Citi Hardware to buy some house materials.

Let’s just say that we ended up purchasing items that were not part of our list.

I used to think that since National Bookstore was and is my favorite shop in the entire mall, I was already “there” when it to came to adulting. On a side note, I absolutely love kitchen items.

I was wrong. Citi Hardware just proved that. I already have a mental list of things that I want to purchase. It’s still in my head because I’m afraid that I’ll give Lloyd a mental breakdown if he sees a physical list.

Saying Goodbye to Nanusan

There is something about losing a pet that I can’t explain. Maybe because they can’t talk to me like people can, that I find it extra painful. With people, it’s so easy to tell them you love them and you know right then and there that they know. But with pets, you never really know. But you keep hoping that with every head scratch, that with every boop, they know that there’s love there too.

I am not sure if I am even in the right state of mind to write. Nanu died less than 24 hours ago. But because I have no one to talk to about this suffocating pain, I felt that I needed to write it down.

Nanu was–this past tense writing will be so hard to keep up. I keep wishing that when I wake up, it’s still Friday. And Nanu would be waiting by the door of our bedroom asking for food (2nd breakfast).

Nanu was rescued as a kitten by our Nana. Some kids were abusing her and broke her hips. When I saw her, I knew I had to take her with me. I thought I could give her a better life. But I guess I was wrong. Maybe, if I just left her with Nana, Nanu would still be alive today.

Although she couldn’t walk on all fours, she was active and feisty. Our couch in the living room is basically filled with holes because Nanu would use her claws to climb. And even though she had a scratching post, she loved scratching the couch. Every time we had guests, we would often say that Nanu is the reason we can’t have nice things. And it was okay. If it means getting her back, I wouldn’t mind even if she destroys the entire couch. I can always get a new couch… But I can never get Nanu back.

Maybe because of her disability, she didn’t get to grow big. She stayed between being a kitten and a full grown cat. She was perfect. She played rough. Would often bite my finger but never hard enough for my finger to bleed. And even if it did, it’s okay. I wouldn’t mind… Wounds heal… But somehow, I still cannot get my Nanu back.

I guess what hurts me the most is the fact that she died because our dog bit her. Another pet who I love. They were always separated. Coz the only cat that Zoie ever loved was Ado-and he’s also by the rainbow bridge. I know it’s not Zoie’s fault but it still hurts.

We were always careful. But somehow, Nanu managed to get out of the house and Zoie was also out.

How do I even describe how I felt when I got the call? We were driving towards the city when I got the call. Lloyd drove back home as fast as he could. I don’t remember much on our drive back home–just that I was telling Lloyd to drive faster maybe we can save Nanu.

I reached home and went looking for her… She looked so small… I carried her like a baby, close to my heart where she will always belong. I told her “Wake up Nanu, mama’s here. Wake up baby, mama’s here.” But she didn’t wake up. Even after giving her kisses and head scratchies, she didn’t wake up. So I just kept holding on to her coz I didn’t know what else to do.

I guess I finally got some senses back. So I cleaned her up. Wiped her body with water and sweet smelling soap. Bela got her flowers. So I put it on her belly and then wrapped her in a white towel.

I hope that her spirit saw and felt that I loved her. I still do. I hope she saw her papa digging up her entryway to the Rainbow Bridge–just beside Ado.

My dearest Nanu… I am sorry if I failed to protect you. I miss you so much. It’s 2am and you’re not here asking for food. When I wake up, you won’t be there. But if you can, come back to me, okay? Visit me in my dreams… I will give you all the food you want, my fingers to nibble on, my nose to boop. Just come back, okay? Your papa said, no more cats because of Zoie. Maybe he’s right. So, I will hold on to your memory and also Ado’s memory. Always in my heart. Always in my mind. Never too far away.