A day like no other

I wanted to write about my experience the moment I gave birth. But I couldn’t. I had to take into consideration that I was still in the hospital. Figures. Then when I finally went home, I thought, “Do I write now? Or do I spend my every waking moment with my daughter?” Well, I guess you know what I chose… My daughter is now 3 weeks old.

And my story goes…

Four weeks ago, my family and I decided that I would have to go home and give birth in Tacloban. We knew that it was going to be extra hard if I stayed in Cebu since my family was one or two islands away. On December 12 (Wednesday), I went to the airport and I was denied passage. So instead of a 30 minute flight to reach home, it took me 5 hours and 30 minutes. Great. By the time I got home, my butt was sore. But it was great to be home… 

Since my doctor couldn’t come to Tacloban for the delivery, I went to another doctor. I went to her clinic on a Friday (December 14) and she told me that I’m going to give birth really soon… I felt it too. My sister then told me that I’ll be giving birth on a Sunday, just like her (by the way, I was born during my sister’s 18th birthday).

By Saturday night—10pm (December 15), my tummy was already aching (every 7 minutes). I just slept and woke up at 1am. The pain was getting unbearable. I woke up my mom and told her about the pain. She asked if I already wanted to go to the hospital. I said no—maybe in an hour or two. Now, I find it really funny. I was already in labor and I was calm. I didn’t imagine myself to be calm. I imagined a lot of things before I gave birth. Like what will I do when my water breaks, those things and more.

After telling my mom to go back to sleep, I watched TV for a few hours then I took a warm bath. I remembered my sister telling me that she “relieved” herself first before going to the hospital to avoid “messy accidents”… hehe! So I followed her (very sound) advice.

Finally, by 3:30 AM (December 16), my mom drove me to the hospital. I was admitted a few minutes after 4 AM.

Labor. The word says it all. It was really painful. I can’t even describe the pain. I puked because of the pain and because I was really scared. I felt that my mom was scared too. When the doctor asked if I wanted it painless, I didn’t know what to say. In times when I can’t decide, I always say, “I’ll ask my sister (Ate Marol)”. That time, it didn’t help. It was already 5 AM and I was 8-9 CM (dilated). The pain was, uhmm, it was REALLY PAINFUL!!! My mom was getting agitated so I (we) decided to do it painlessly. Wohoo! Injecting the anesthesia (spine) wasn’t really a pleasant experience. It was also painful but bearable.

The pushing was funny. Since I couldn’t feel pain, it was hard for me to push with all my might. I even laughed! After pushing for about 5 times, there she was (December 16, 6:13AM)… Crying her heart out! My sister who was supposed to take pictures was about to cry and wasn’t taking any pictures at all!!! Good thing the anesthesiologist was smart enough to get the camera and take the pictures!

I didn’t say anything when I first saw Bela. I was speechless. Literally.

She’s our blessing… The best Christmas gift ever…

Thank you God.