As Random as I can get

I wasn’t allergic to eggs for 27 years.
As a kid , I danced ballet.
I can’t stand the sound of people clipping their nails.
I was in labor for less than 2 hours.
I laughed while I was pushing (child birth).
I dream in color.
I rarely brush my (short) hair.
I still watch cartoons.
I can finish a book in less than a day.
I’ve been playing Tomb Raider since its 1996 release.
I would mute the game since the tiger scared the hell out of me.
Animal stories make me cry much more than human stories.
I cried watching Charlotte’s Web.
I’m not a fan of spiders.
I freak out with anything “snakey” even if it’s just a pattern.
I love Animal Planet but I scream when they show a snake. Or squirm, the very least.
Every time Nagini was on screen (Harry Potter), I covered my eyes.
Unfortunately, I was too slow when Nagini bit Snape. So I screamed and nearly pissed myself.
I nearly got expelled when I was in college.
I learned Ilonggo by just listening to someone.
I re-watch movies several times.
I have seen the entire Band of Brothers series more than 15 times.
I have memorized the lines from Beauty and the Beast.
One time, I got bored, I read the HP books 1 to 7 then 7 to 1. In that order, in less than 5 days.
I have read the Hunger Games Trilogy several times before it was mentioned that there’s a movie for it.
The only Twilight movie I have seen from start to finish is Twilight.
I don’t know how to cut my nails straight.
If nothing (or no one) will stop me, I can finish an entire gallon of ube ice cream in one sitting.
I didn’t wear eye glasses for several years and I didn’t notice that I couldn’t see from afar.
People thought I was a snob. They didn’t know I couldn’t distinguish faces coz I couldn’t see well.
When I got my eyeglasses, everything was so clear. I didn’t have any reason for not seeing ‘people’ anymore.
I watched the UFC before it was mainstream.
I didn’t know that 24 and 7 in 24/7 meant the hours in a day and the days in a week until I was in college.
I taught myself how to cook.
I cannot sew even if my life depended on it.
I learned how to swim when my cousin threw me off a lifesaver.
I (can) leave the house without looking at myself in the mirror.

Bored yet?

My Dearest Kitkat

I miss you. It has nearly been 5 years since you went to the rainbow bridge but I still miss you a lot. I miss you everyday. There’s a hole in my heart that will never heal until we’re together again. I am so sorry that I wasn’t with you during your final days. I don’t regret much in my life, but not being with you during your final days is a regret that I live with every day.

You gave me 9 years of happiness. I wish it was more. Would it be too selfish to ask God that He give dogs a longer life span? But you know, even if it were 15 years, I’d miss you just the same… The pain of losing you is something that I can’t really explain. You were with me through my ups and downs. You ate a gallon of ice cream with me and we both ended up with coughs.

Bela still remembers you… Though you died when she was still 1 year old, she remembers you till now. We got a black pug and we named her Soy Sauce. Though pugs look the same, she doesn’t look like you… She’s not your replacement in any way. No other dog can replace you.

My dearest Kitkat… You snored a lot and sometimes, I’d wake up because of your snores. I wouldn’t mind waking up to your snores again. My dearest Kitkat… Why is it so hard not to cry when I think of you?

I wish I could just snuggle with you one last time… I wish I could just hold you in my arms while you sleep (and wake up with your butt on my face)…

I miss you. I love you. I will continue missing you until I see you again…