Well, hello world!

It’s been like forever since I last wrote–well, maybe not. That was just an exaggeration (of epic proportions–another one). My last post was like the last week of August and it was such a short post as well. Boring life much? I would have to say NO. But I just didn’t feel like writing. But mind you, there were (and still are) a lot of things that I wanted (and want!) to write about. I couldn’t make time–I wouldn’t make time. There, I said it.

Where do I even start? Ah! Pictures!!!

I am not a bike enthusiast but I do appreciate bikes (and some other stuff). I saw these babies while walking along the Dumaguete City Boulevard on September 1st 2012. Of course, I had to take pictures!

More boulevard pictures (there are times that we call it “boulevard of broken dreams”)

The tree and the Paulinian sisters

There are acacia trees along the boulevard.

Just one of the acacia trees along the boulevard of broken dreams… If trees can talk… It would go *boom*pak*zzzz*

On other news… I found this iPhone App several weeks ago. I was reading a Time magazine article about ‘amazing’ Apps and this was one of those Apps. I like the iPad version just because it’s A LOT bigger. My eyesight is terrible. It is called Flipboad–yes, you FLIP through the ‘pages’.

iPhone Version. Got to have the Food Board.

September wasn’t a very nice month. I was sick for 2 weeks. 2 effin weeks… BUT! Got to love my chicken soup. *slurp*

See the fat?!?! Yummy!!!

*I don’t have any type of flow in mind for this post. If you get lost, sorry. I got lost too*

I love pens! Pens and notebooks! Got these pens when I went out a few weeks ago.

11 all in all. There’s 1 black pen that’s hidden underneath.

Okay, that’s all for now. Got work to do!