Kiss-Ass Politics

Okay… So it’s been awhile since I last wrote/blogged… I had so many things (in mind) that I wanted to write about but I was TOO LAZY to actually start writing. Yes. LAZY is the term.

I’m not going to say that I was busy blah blah blah. Come to think about it, I had (and have) a lot of time but I simply didn’t choose to use my time by blogging.

What have I been up to anyway? Hmmmm… Good question. I was READING. Online. News. I’m not saying that me reading is news. I’ve been reading THE news (believe it or not). And not the entertainment section!

A few years ago, I stopped watching the news because it stressed me out. But these days, (dunno really) I simply want to know what’s happening around me (though not directly affecting me).

I’ve been reading (mostly) local news. Local meaning Philippine news. Opinion columns and editorials. Getting views from other people (aside from myself). It’s still stressful but it’s reality. Politics. *puke* Too much politics in my country. Kiss-ass people. *puke* Rule of thumb: Do not kiss-ass and do not have your ass kissed. Why? Coz if you do you’d end up with your face on the mud. If you don’t kiss-ass and not have your ass kissed, there might/will be tough times… Times when you end up flat on your back. But with you on your back, you’d still be facing up.

What am i saying? Argh! Figure me out. Sheesh. The government is full of politicians who are either kissing ass or having their ass kissed! And a lot of them (right now) have mud on their faces.