Music in my Head

Music soothes my soul. No matter how bad things seem to be, no matter how angry I may be, I just need some music to calm my soul.
I can still vividly recall my rebellious days. Oh come on… I’m sure you’ve been there too. Remember puberty? Ah… Now you’re remembering. I would often say to myself this line: “NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME!!!”… Sounds familiar? Or how about “Nobody cares!”?
My mom and I used to have this love and hate relationship. She loved me and I hated her. Well, not really hate her. I just thought I did (For the record, I love my mom with all my heart and soul). Every time we would have our “fighting sessions”, I would run (or walk really really fast) towards my room, slam the door, lock myself in, pop in my fave tune (of the week), and then play it—FULL VOLUME… While the music is playing, I would lie on my bed and just close my eyes… And pray to God that He takes me away… He never did (I know it’s for the best—thank you God). Somehow, I didn’t have to go anywhere. I just needed to stay inside my room and calm myself.
After 10 or so minutes, I would start humming the song and sometimes, I even dance (on top of my bed). It may sound that I’m a whack job, but I’m not. I’m perfectly normal (in my standards). My head gets so full with music that I forget why I’m even mad… I’m already calm… Then guess what I do next? I go to my mom and say sorry… Told you I never really hated her…


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