Who’s your Savior?

I just watched Superman Begins with my friends a few hours ago. More than one person wore a shirt with the Superman logo. They were not kids. They were not teenagers. They were ADULTS. No, I am not being sarcastic. In fact, I envy them. They never outgrew their childhood. It’s still inside them.
I took a long look at myself. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I wasn’t the same. I lost the kid in me. You know what I noticed about the movie? The music. I kept telling myself that the music was perfect. For me, it made the movie good. I failed to see the important part/s of the movie. I didn’t see the relevance of the movie to my life.
For rational beings, we say that there is no such thing as Superman. It’s just a marvelous creation of DC Comics. But don’t tell me that if you were given a chance to be Superman or to have Superman in our lives you would say no…
We all need a Superman. We all need someone who will save us from any disaster that would come. How I wish we had a Superman during the 1st and 2nd World War. Just to fight off the evils of war… Or a Superman during the September 11 bombings… Or during the Tsunami… But there was no Superman… No one, who looked liked a bird or a plane to rescue all of us, came…
Yes, I’m just wishful thinking that we have our own Superman. Well wishing is free, right? And it wouldn’t hurt if he looks gorgeous in his blue suit.
Now, I’m taking a look at myself again… The child in me is hiding. I guess she’s scared of the world. Afraid of getting hurt and no one to save her. I think she needs her Superman.
Do you need your Superman?


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