I will say this now: I refuse to trust a fool.

Hopeful as I was before, it is my choice to be bitter and hopeless. I always say that our life is the sum of all the choices we made and we should never blame anyone else for the consequences of our choice. I made my choice by shading the oval beside the number 8.

I will say this now: I refuse to trust a fool.

If in time I am proven wrong, then I would gladly take back my statement.

I was never part of the opposition. I always believed that despite the imperfections of the Arroyo Administration, they handled the global economic recession fairly well. This time around, I wouldn’t mind being part of the opposition. There’s a first time for everything.

But for now, I will sit back and wait if he delivers what he promised during his campaign… Can’t wait for the 1st day (of the 100 days) to start.