Resolutions. Churvalutions. Ek la vu.

It really doesn’t feel any different. 2009. 2010. And now 2011. People talk about resolutions, things to do, things to NOT do, places to go, places to NOT go to AGAIN. You know, those kind of things.
But what about me? It’s already the 5th of January and I still have to think of those things. But wait! I never do. Year after year, I don’t think about those things. Maybe this year, I should. Or try to.
My head is spinning. I have an out-to-get-me kind of headache. I am not sure if this is the right time for me to think of resolutions and etc.
But before I forget, I should probably make a note of some. Like… Uhmmm… Darn… Still haven’t figured it out just yet. Oh yeah!
First! I will write more. Not just here but my journal as well. When I say journal, I am talking about the notebook type wherein when there’s too much in my head, my penmanship is barely readable.
Okay, my head is really giving me a hard time. So, I will park this for now. I am tempted not to publish it. But it also means that I MIGHT end up scrapping it. I will finish this tomorrow. I guess that’s something I have to do. Resolutions and etc. Eeeek!

I told myself that I was going to finish this. So finish this post I will. Or should I say “I shall”? Back to my list.
I will write more. That’s my first resolution. What to write about? I don’t know yet. I will just go with the flow (of my brain/heart).

My second, third, and fourth resolutions are as follows: know what I want, know when I want it, and then know how to get it. I’m not talking about material things. I’m talking about goals. What I want for my life. When (in particular) do I want certain “things” to happen. And finally to know how to get or achieve what I want for my life. Sounds simple enough. Sounds. But I know it would be really hard. First things first, I still need to decide on the “what” question. The “when” is probably the easiest to answer. But I can’t skip the question before that.

Hmmmm… Come to think of it, I don’t think those would count as resolutions. But it really doesn’t matter now. Does it?

And now I’m pretty much done with this topic about resolutions. I don’t even know why I ventured into this. Maybe I was just going with the “flow”. Which is kinda weird since I rarely do that. Well, there’s always a first time for everything.


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