A Response to the ANTI RH Folks

jcc says: May 28, 2011 at 9:38 pm
The debate over RHB is not confined only to what one can do or don’t with her body. The church sees the moral implication of the untrammeled use of condoms and other contraceptives and opposes it. Sexual maturity can be learned from the home and the school without necessarily being bombarded with the procedure on how to put on a condom and ingest pills so women do not get pregnant. The church is not against the right of a family to determine the size of supportable family unit. It is against the method by which people would like to determine family size through artificial contraception which will paved the road towards abandoned sexuality and promiscuity and shall expose also the minors to experiment on new-found enlightenment in the age of pills and condoms. Yes, in some countries contraceptives and condoms can be had at the counter of a drugstore. Yes in these countries too, you can see young teens in high school making out in school corridors. The bible considers this an outright pornication which the church as an institution is free to condemn.

Those outside the church cannot understand its position on RHB, but there are faithful who do. Those who do not understand the church can point out the logic and benefits of RHB by aligning proponents of the bill with “star” and cerebral credentials like Leah Salonga. Now they are mortified because the church found its own champion against RHB, Manny Pacquiao, who is a real ‘star’ though proponents are quick to point out that he is not cerebral, and like many others who opposed RHB, were plain misguided and stupid. If I may be allowed the proclivity of the proponents at labelling people at the other spectrum of this debate, maybe it is my turn to say that the proponents are themselves stupid and misguided.

I just wonder if Pacquiao had endorsed the BILL and Leah had opposed it. We can easily raise the decibel of this discourse to align it to our biases.

Antonio (Sonny) Belzunce says: June 1, 2011 at 6:51 pm
You might have a point of view and the church have a point of view too but does it truly address the root of the problem. This is not about a debate to be won. This is about the health and welfare of all Filipinos regarding how to help, address and educate what family is all about, what relationship is all about, what can happens when you have sex, what you can have when you have sex, how do you manage when you are “Gigil,” what is your responsibility as a parent with a child, healthcare for the child, proper support for pregnancies, on and on and on.

As I have explained it, we are talking about individual development of wisdom to manage their free will. Have you notice that I have not raised the issue of faith and religion at all? I will address the church later at the end.

I will highlight one issue I replied to this week. Senator Angara advises that P1.5 billion is earmarked for the 0-6 children’s education.

This is my reply;
“Through the CIA data I learnt that the Philippines have 2.5 new babies a year so by calculating that from 0-6 years old children it represents 15 million children within that age group. You then distribute the P1.5 Billion funding that only represents P100 pesos per child. If you then distribute it to 4-6 years old it represents around 7.5 million children and relates to P200 per child.

If you then say let us target just the pre school for their equipment let say 100 per pre school with 50% coverage, for 4-5, representing 25,000 pre school, you could spend a donation of $60,000 pesos each pre school. Note that is targeting 50% of 4-6 years old children in a preschool averaging 100 students.

Hope this clarifies the significance of the funding support.”

JCC where will the Philippine government get this money? Can the government spend or allocate P1.5 billion without going deficit? Are they spending money they do not have? Can you see how useless P1.5 billion pesos are to the population ratio of 0-6 year old projected distribution of P100 pesos each child? What will they buy with that? See how complex it is to try to find a positive out of allocating funds with good intentions for the people? Simply the larger the population the higher the expenses and see how complex it can be to have a proper working infrastructure.

The population is above 100 million now in a very small livable area. Do the Philippines have a problem with that population? Can they educate, employ, and provide health & welfare for all these people?

The RHBill was a means to regulate all these problems to assist managing extreme population growth, to prepare for education, reeducation of adults, provide various needed services, etc. It is intended to let individuals have their given freewill to decide within themselves and their faith what services they need to help family planning. Technically I should say finished with that statement but, because we are all Filipinos, we are unable to unite, compromise and resolve issues like this. Our weakness is arriving with the simplest and practical solution that can progressively eliminate problem.

“Walang Pakealam, Pakekealaman, Gugulohin, basta basta na lang, Bahala na and kalimutan na natin.” If these are the mentality of Filipinos, tell me how can you manage it to being practical with family planning.

The Catholic Church had 500 years to develop, manage and provide supposedly the just and fair way as Christian faith to teach its congregation what is the correct way about family planning. While the rate of babies were increasing to 2,5 million per year, what corrective measures did they assist with its congregation. I can tell you there is Nada, Nil, Wala. Did they instigate reeducation programs? Did they assist people of the quick release procedures? Did they invest money to development of this population problem? So, why have they got large investments in Mining and Banking? Whose money is that? Isn’t that the people’s money? Why are they not using it to help the needy and the poor.

I am angry because I was an ex seminarian in Guadelupe Seminary in the 60’s and we run out of food a few times then. We had to eat rice and patis or rice and soy sauce. There were more than 100 children then. The RCC allowed this to happen then and is reflective of how they are behaving now. We did not tell our parents because we did not want trouble for our dear RCC.

Now that the people decided that this issue is a governing issue and not a spiritual issue, the RCC decided that the government is wrong to consider this RHBill.

JCC what gives the church this governing power? Aren’t they spiritual? Maybe we should retrain the clerics with Budhist monk behavior. It might be more practical. Tell me if you want more reasoning to justify what the government is developing. Also could you please share this with Mr. Paq uiao and his RCC group in Congress and if they have issue with it they will find me in tweeter or ask Senator Angara to provide my email address.

Thank you for your time JCC.

Antonio (Sonny) Belzunce

jcc says: June 1, 2011 at 11:13 pm
the church is not against population control it is only against the method to control it. deviant elements in the church is not an argument that the church’s position is also deviant. like any human organization, the church has its own bad eggs.

Antonio (Sonny) Belzunce says: June 2, 2011 at 6:42 am
Unless the church can come up up with realistic solution to population control then I will consider. History states they cannot. An effective and achievable solution that people understand and simply adapt to.


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