Marmelisms~August 13, 2011

Found this in my News Feed (not just one, not just two, not just three…):

NEVER believe in 3 people : Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces. They are the most selfish and mean.
NEVER lose 3 people : Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn. They are the most sincere and true lovers.
NEVER leave 3 people : Virgo, Libra, Scorpio. They can keep secrets, friendship , and they can see your tears.
NEVER reject 3 people : Leo, Gemini, Aquarius .They are true, honest friends. 🙂
What’s your sign?

I laughed. Why? Coz I’m a sagi. Then I wondered, if one was a Sagi, Aries, Pisces, I don’t think they would re-post it. Then I thought of who I know with these signs…

First off, Sagittarius:

My older sister: she can’t be selfish coz she is the most selfless person I know. If I had nothing to wear, and she’s wearing her last shirt, she would give her shirt to me. She’s like that. And a selfless person can not be mean.

My older brother: he is a lot of things but not selfish or mean.

My childhood best friend Nancy: when I think of her, all I could think of is how much I miss her and our times together when we were kids. She was always their for me. So how can she be labeled as selfish or mean?

My college clique Ching: Ching? Ching one of the most soft spoken people I know? Ching who’s always so nice to everyone even if she didn’t like the person?

My list can actually go on and on, coz apparently, I know a lot of Sagi’s… Japz, Ate Isat, Ian, YangYang, Tita Kit, Kuya Cydie, Tristan, Wingle, Stuti, Tlai, and etc… Then of course, my daughter… Belapot… Selfish? Mean? Probably sweet and rowdy… She’s my <3…

Then we have Aries:

My Yodawan: just like my brother, he is a lot of things but not selfish or mean…

Tita Leida: I remember when I was younger, and still serving YFC, she would house us kids, feed us… Comfort us when we were down…

My buddy Melchor: I cannot, for the life of me, think of Melchor as selfish or mean. He is sweet in his own way.

My cobatch Annie and Toper: strong willed. But never selfish nor mean.

My nanay Ester: She is like my second mom… She’s a selfless mother… Always thinking about her kids, her family… I miss her.

MaiMai, Panky, Tiago, JennyFucker, Ate Tara… a lot more…

Then lastly, Pisces:

Ate Phillyn: Sweet and caring ate Phil… The last thing she would say of anyone is anything negative… Always has something good to say about other people.

Iris: one of my closest friends… Selfish? Mean? Are you freaking out of your mind? Coz she is not!

Ate Malax: a strong APO woman. Someone I look up to. But she is not selfish. One of the most giving people I know…

Kuya Bong: my “oldest” cousin who’s always there for everyone…

My daughter’s nanny Joy: she loves my daughter as if Bela was her own. She’s just like family to us.

Then there’s Chay, Ky, Maica, DoDot, Kuya Epoy… a lot more…

When I think of all those people I care for and love, would I ever think of them as such? Selfish? Mean? You already know my answer. I don’t believe in Zodiacs. But we all have one none the less. And people should be sensitive enough before posting rubbish.

If you or your significant other were a Sagi, Aries, or Pisces, would you have posted this on your wall? Or maybe you were just thinking about your self?

I don’t like branding people. It’s the first step to prejudice. That’s were racism starts. Prejudice.


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