Journey to the unknown

I am writing this while waiting for my mom’s plane to arrive. My plane arrived nearly 3 hours ago. So here I am…

My home is a couple of islands away. Why I had to leave, is why I’m writing this piece.

I am unsure as to where this journey will take me. A lot of the things in front of me are out of my control. I wouldn’t want to control it either. A friend of mine told me to be hopeful but at the same time, be ready for the worst. I am hopeful. Am I ready for the worst? I don’t know. But in a few days, I will find out.

I am about to lose my job. Was it something that I could have prevented? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Am I worried? Not really. I have options. I know this. So why am I in this journey if I have other options that are not so murky? Simple. More than 50 people are also about to lose their job. This trip is for them. If I didn’t take this trip, I will not be able to live with myself. This is why I have no other choice but to be hopeful. I have to be hopeful. I need to be hopeful. I have to be strong. I have to be brave.

There’s a reason for everything. There’s a lesson to be learned in everything. Whatever happens, I am thankful.