Optimus Prime taught me

While watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (for the nth time) I learned something from Optimus Prime.  Which part in particular? During his fight with Megatron, Grindor, and Starscream.

Sam is human. Optimus is a transformer. Their culture, race, and even their planet are not the same. But yet, Optimus gave his life to save Sam. And even when he was dying, all he could think of was still Sam. I wouldn’t say that Optimus protected Sam out of love. He protected Sam not for selfish reasons but for something much more. *you’d have to watch the movie and know the story for you to get my drift*

We protect our own. We protect those we love. We protect those who are important to us. We protect those who are weak. We protect those who needs our protection. And it’s not just people who needs protecting, I’m talking about everything and everyone around us. Regardless of ethnicity, race, form, religion, and etc.

I’m not a saint. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a soft spot for pedophiles and the likes of them. And they don’t need protection. It’s the other way around.

So what have I learned? Read above. 🙂


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