[One very hot Day] Marmelisms ~ May 28, 2012

Today was a VERY HOT WARM day.

With the picture above, I’m not sure if you can FEEL the VERY WARM weather…

Here’s another try:

It is truly SUMMER here in the Philippines. The only down side earlier was–I WAS WORKING! I couldn’t work inside our bedroom because of some paint-job. So I had to work outside… Well, fresh air… But no wind… Had the fan with me and lots of SUN.

And finally it just got way too HOT WARM! I wanted to eat something VERY COLD and there was just one thing in my mind: HALO-HALO.

In Filipino, ‘halo’ means ‘mixed’ or ‘to mix’ depending on the usage. Literally, it would say ‘mix-mix’. This very popular summer ‘drink’ is a mixture of stuff. Stuff being shaved iced, milk, sugar, banana, jack fruit, nata de coco, kaong, leche flan, ube, and etc. If you want to know how to make halo-halo, you can check this link from WikiHow or you can try the recipe from Filipino Food Recipes.

Because I didn’t have the ingredients, my halo-halo didn’t look like this:

Instead, it looked liked this:

I didn’t have the time (nor the inclination) to get the ingredients and make my own so I called Chowking’s delivery hotline and got myself a regular (meaning no ice cream) halo-halo. By the time it was delivered, half of the shaved-ice already melted. Boo hoo! But still, it was my cold-fix for the day.

If ever you’re in Dumaguete and would want to visit Chowking, they have 2 branches here. One is located in Robinson’s Place Dumaguete and the other one is at Cor San Jose and Perdices Sts Dumaguete City. For deliveries, you may always call (035) 225-6273. That would be for their Perdices Branch.

Now back to work!


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