Marmelisms ~ June 1, 2012

I think I am addicted to Sudoku. Whenever I start a new game I would have to finish that, or else I will have a hard time sleeping or I would end up dreaming about it. But despite this, I am still confused with the spelling of the game. I google it every time, like earlier when I started writing this ‘random stuff on a random day’.

I don’t like the easy levels (not trying to sound arrogant) since it’s just too–uhmmm easy. The downs-side to this addiction is the part when I tell myself “this will be the last one before I sleep”. It rarely happens! I probably tell myself that at least 5 times before I actually do it. Anyway, the game stimulates my brain cells. Maybe the reason why I find it hard to sleep after playing. Waaaaaaaa!

Marmelisms ~ June 4, 2012

My weekdays never meets with my weekends. Wait! What weekends? Just feels like a regular weekday but longer sleeping.hours.