Do you want to keep your job?

*I wanted to send this email out for a company I worked for.*

That subject line is part of the sales process AIDA. It might be mean but it  got your attention.

But I wasn’t kidding when I wrote “DO YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR JOB”…

Are you keeping more than one job and you do it simultaneously?

Are you unproductive?

Are you lazy?

Are you okay with just receiving pay and not actually earning it?

Do you consider yourself a smart-ass coz you can fool the system?

If you answered a YES to even just one of the questions above, then I would say that your answer to the very first question is a big NO.

But, if you DO WANT TO KEEP YOUR JOB, then there’s just one advice I can give you: DELIVER WHAT IS EXPECTED FROM YOU.

So you’re doing telemarketing for the same client for 3 months now and suddenly your client pulls the plug and would want to have a replacement.

Then you  complain and complain coz your client is blah blah blah blah. Ask yourself, what’s your conversion like? Did you actually call the list? Or did you just dial the number then hang up (just so the number appears in Skype Manager).

Client is unhappy because you keep missing your deadlines. And when pressed for the task, you give your reasons (also known as excuses). Client unhappy. Client has been waiting for SEVERAL WEEKS. And you’ve been paid for those hours for the past SEVERAL WEEKS. Client pulls out.

Pissed at me? Good. Coz it means that I’ve hit a nerve.

I want to keep my job. How do I continue to keep my job? By making sure that this business is actually making profits. This is not a charity. This is WORK.


This service announcement is brought to you by employees who would want to keep their jobs. 

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