[Truth #2] Marmelisms ~ July 5, 2012

***In one of my entries, I mentioned that I will be blogging about the ‘88 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life‘ by David Cain.***

Truth number 2: “It is a hundred times more difficult to burn calories than to refrain from consuming them in the first place.

As you can SEE, I managed to gain 15-20lbs in two years. And every time I see this pic (below), I go into a minor case of depression.

I tried to exercise. TRIED. TRIED. But not as hard as others. I don’t have a very good explanation except this: I’m (exercise) lazy. My ideal exercise method is “The Jetsons Exercise”. So this truth is definitely for me!

I’m already losing the weight I gained. Just need to lose 10lbs more and I’m back to my old (light) self. BUT! I am not skipping meals. I eat 3 meals a day plus several snacks in between. I guess I’m just watching the ‘portions’ part of it.

Amazing Pole Dancing Skills

I had no idea that pole dancing is a SKILL! (I am now a ‘less-ignorant fool’. Phew. Glad to get that off my chest.)

She seems to defy gravity. Well, it certainly looks that way! But damn! She is so fit! And you can see her muscles doing amazing stuff!!! Now got to get myself a pole!

By the way, her ‘name’ is Jenyne Butterfly. You can visit her page HERE.

You can skip to 1:10.