It has been several weeks

I know. I know. I’ve been meaning to write but I couldn’t make time. With work and my duties at home, I just had to put writing at the back of my head. I scribbled here and there though. But not online. The old lady that I am, I still keep a notebook and a pen beside me all the time.

Life has been good these past several days. I am on my way to changing the world–one step at a time. Did you know that even if you do not have the money to donate, you can still donate something just as important as money? Time, skills, experience… Those you can donate. You might think it’s not a lot, but it is! It’s already a step to changing the world… And this is just one thing that is keeping me busy.

As I have said, life has been good… I have finally found a company/organization that does so much more than just give back. It feels great to be part of something that was built just so charities (non profit organizations) get the support that they badly need. Though I am part of a ‘for profit’ entity, I know that the success of the business means more for those in need.

The work is not easy and the hours are crazy, but whoever said changing the world was easy?

Let’s all be awesome and volunteer


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