We are family: My Siblings

Day 2 is all about my siblings.

My parents, when they were still together, had 4 kids–3 girls and 1 boy.

Our eldest is Maria Rosario but we call her Marol. I don’t think anyone calls her Maria Rosario–unless we’re teasing her. I don’t know if the reason she’s so responsible is because she’s the eldest or because she just is. She’s a superhero but she’s a bank manager when she’s not wearing a cape. She’s the dragon.

Next is my brother Buenaventura Ressureccion Jonathan. Buenaventura is my grandfather’s name (father’s side) and Ressureccion (not even sure if this is the correct spelling–oops) is my father. And just for fun, my mom added Jonathan. Kidding, not for fun! I think it was because she just wanted to put in a name she wanted. Now, imagine my brother when he was 7 years old and he had to write his name on his first grade paper… I think his first names alone occupied the first two lines. He’s mister environment with a background in animal science. He’s Pumba.

Then there’s Maria Lourdes or Marlou (by now I think you will notice a pattern). She’s the wackiest and despite me saying I am crazy, I think I am second to her. She’s an ass-kicking nurse and she works in a military base, beat that! 😀 She’s the lion.

And there’s ME!!! Maria Carmel but please do call me MARMEL!  I’m ME! hahahahaha


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