New year, same me! Crazy as I can be!

Happy New Year!!!

My Facebook newsfeed is pretty much filled with “first selfie of the year”, “new year, new me”, “a new beginning”, “resolutions”, and the likes. And I’m like—nothing!

It’s not that I’m not excited–wait. I am not excited. I am just happy. I have no new resolutions. Still the same as last year or the year before. But come to think of it, I can’t even remember my previous resolutions or plans. I should have written those down. But before I do so, let me say a proper goodbye to the year that was–2015.

Dear 2015. Thank you. Not sure why I’m thanking you though. Thank you universe. Without the help of Facebook, I can recall great memories.

I swam with sea turtles–it was amazing. IT WAS AWESOME!

My mom turned 70 years old. Looking forward to more years with my mom.

70th Birthday celebration of my mom. Good times with my siblings, cousins, and the rest of the gang.

Bela being part of the Math Olympiad (Eye Level).

Bela and her wall climbing skills.

Watched Maroon V’s concert–not in YouTube.

Star Wars Episode 7 plus the 3D experience with Bela.

Took control of my health.

In between those great memories, were really sad ones. The passing on of friends–young and old alike. The refugee crisis. Just thinking about those sad memories are choking me up. I should just stop.

So. 2015. That was fast. Did I make bad choices? I think I did. But does it matter? Not anymore. But did I make a difference? I think I did–and that matters.

Adios, 2015.

Hola, 2016. Resolutions? Nah. I’ll wing it–like always.



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