My ‘Whoa!’ Experience

***Yesterday, I mentioned that I will be writing more (and hopefully get better at it) using the writing prompts I got from The Daily Post. Consider this my first entry.***

Surreal experience. I lot of things popped into my mind but I kept validating if it’s really a surreal experience. So I went to Merriam-Webster to check the FULL DEFINITION of the word “surreal”.

“Intense irrational reality of a dream”. Nose bleed. Right there. I had to tick off a lot of the things that were inside my head. But one thing that I could not tick off was when I fell off a cliff during my college days.

I survived. In case you’re wondering.

Here’s my ‘whoa’ story.

During my Physics field trip, we went to a nearby mountain to check boiling points. We were with our professors and students from other sections. I was among my friends and I was having a jolly good time (I’m the clown). Unfortunately, I was (I would like to believe that this is truly in the past, so please, don’t argue) clumsy and I tripped on a rock. I went rolling down the mountain… AND SOME BANANA TREES SAVED ME FROM DEATH! I’m not making this shit up. Despite this, my professor had the balls to say “Look class. That is a free-falling object” and every body laughed. I laughed too when they told me (of course I didn’t hear him say it! I was too busy rolling down the freaking mountain!).

Anyway, when my friends and I talk about that experience, we always laugh. But at the end of that, I am reminded that I am alive because of the banana trees. I didn’t have a knight in shining armor to save me. Heck! I didn’t need one! Nature provided my savior.

The other side of the story is I really died and I’m imagining that I’m writing this from my grave. Hey! We need a horror story–it’s nearly Valentine’s day.



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