Some humans (or maybe a lot) are brilliant. And some are brilliant assholes.

I’m thinking about the person who invented drugs and alcohol. Or maybe the person who invented styrofoam. Then there’s religion and agent orange. But I think I would settle with Zyklon B.

Why would I want to un-invent Zyklon B? Why, in the first place, was it invented? Let’s go back 100 (or so) years ago.

Zyklon B (or Cyclone B) originated as a pesticide (really). But why would I want this to be un-invented? Because, my dear readers, this is the same poison used by the Nazis in their gas chamber. And just to add something to the mix, the inventor behind this chemical is Fritz Haber–a Jewish Christian scientist (he converted to Christianity before WWI).

Fritz Haber was a brilliant scientist. He received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He is also considered as the father of chemical warfare. I’m not really a fan.

And if you’re wondering, no, he did not die via the gas chambers. He fled Germany before the Final Solution started–though it was already brewing.

Repercussions for the un-invention of the Zyklon B would probably be death by bullets or really more on the slave camps. This is depressing me.

Possible alternative–the f*ck! No alternative! No mass killings! No genocide! I hate wars. Truly. No one wins a war. EVERYONE LOSES. There are no victors. But we are too stupid to realize this.

2 thoughts on “Undo

  1. You cannot select progress or predict where it will lead.
    Do you need a hospital operation or a drug to lower your blood presure then you will be thankful for progress.
    Is your son going to fight in a war then you may curse progress.



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