Death Note

Death Note started out as a manga that Ann (Cerebro QA) introduced to me. FYI. A manga is the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons ( I didn’t read it on a daily basis but a few days ago, I finally finished it. I searched for it in youtube and found out that they made the anime version! What a bummer! But anyway, it’s okay… At least I have something to watch in youtube aside from Naruto and Bleach.

This is not based on a true story or what… But it’s something that I hope I have… In the manga/anime, the death note is used my “shinigamis” or death gods. They would write the name of the human while thinking of the human’s face, and the human would die of heart attack in 40 seconds. The shinigami may also specify the cause of death. Get the picture?

In the manga/anime, Ryuk (a death god) left his death note in the human world on purpose. He was bored in his “wasteland”. Ryuk’s death note was found by Yagami Raito (he looks hot hehehe). Raito, at first, wanted to use the death note to rid the world of the evil people… But in the end, he became evil as well. He wanted to be the ‘god’ of the ‘new world’ that he would make.

What point am I trying to make? I have no idea… If it were real, I guess, I’d end up just like Ratio… Be someone that I’ll never be—God. I would say that evil people (I use the word evil instead of bad because I’m talking about murderers, rapists, and the likes… and “evil” politicians and businessmen) outnumber good people. And it wouldn’t hurt if we had lesser evil people.

I think I’d be able to sleep better if I knew that there were lesser evil people. I would even consider raising more than 2 kids. But, it’s not for me to say. Don’t get me wrong God, you’re doing a great job… Somehow, things are still balanced according to Your will…

I’m glad that I’m not a shinigami. I might end up killing someone who was wrongfully accused by the judge (because the judge was bribed). See what I mean.

Just try to read it. Hehe.

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