a 7 hour wait

Sunday… My flight was scheduled to leave at 9:30am. When I was about to get my boarding pass, I was informed that MY seat was already given out. Apparently, PAL overbooked nearly all of their flights for that day. So I became chance passenger number 7… And so my 7 hour wait started.

The next flight was scheduled to depart at 11:30AM. 11:30 came and went and no plane arrived. APPARENTLY, the plane couldn’t leave Manila due to some technical ISSUES. The next flight would be at 3PM and it’s… tan da dan!!! over booked!!!

I checked the other airlines and all were full… I even checked if I can take the earliest flight the next day… Still the same… The PAL personnel said that I can take the 11:30AM flight the next day… Yeah… I have the luxury to wait since my US Embassy interview is still going to be at 7AM! waaaaaahhhh!!!!

I remained calm… Calm in a way that I didn’t shout or cry… I was just, you know, shivering. Anxiety attacks. But, it wasn’t so bad. I met a Silliman Alumnus and it just so happened that we knew the same people. So at least, I had someone to talk with.

While at the airport, I couldn’t eat… The last meal I ate was at 6am… But I just couldn’t eat. I felt that I would just puke if I did…

And then… the 3pm flight arrived… No luck there. They needed to accommodate those who didn’t make the 11:30AM flight (since no plane arrived!). So… I waited and waited and… Because God is so great… He sent 2 planes… TWO!!! DALAWA!!! DOS!!! DUHA!!! for the 11:30AM flight… which was more than enough…

And so… I left Cebu (finally) at around 4:30PM… Sitting beside a passenger who had too much to drink and too much male ego… But I’d rather think about the good things that happened to me that day… I met a new friend and I arrived in Manila safe and sound.

All thanks to my God Who IS and will always be bigger than anything else… Even PAL.


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