Harlson Mark “MICKEY” Azucena July 12, 1988 – January 28, 2008

I have tried a thousand times to put into words how I feel. And a thousand times I failed. This time, I will try harder.

How do I even start this blog when all I can think about is how much we all miss Mickey? We still can’t accept that he died in such a tragic way. He was beaten and stabbed to death by 10 people. 10… If you’ve known Mickey, you would know that he would never hurt a soul. He is the kind of kid who would always think of other people first. The kind of kid who would send you a text message just to ask you how you’re doing. Family first… That was our Mickey. You seldom hear of teenagers who would put their family first…


Mickey… The thought of you suffering makes my heart break a million times. I keep on praying that while they were hurting you, God was there by your side, taking the pain away. You didn’t even ask for help… So I would like to think that help was already there even before you knew what was happening. When I saw you lying on the metal bed, I couldn’t even talk. I couldn’t believe that it was you lying there. Lifeless. I can’t even fanthom the pain that your Toto Gylone is going through. Your Mommy. Your Daddy. Your Manang. Your Manong Lilli… Mama Deng. Daddy Lolo. Mama Jing. Papa Dod. Manang JnJn. We all miss you. We’re all praying for you. The first thing they thought about was where you were. If someone was with you. If you knew where to go. If you were scared. If it was dark. So we all prayed that your Lolo Arsing was there with you.

On the day that you were scheduled to be returned home, I was so excited for you. I knew that you’d be happy to be home. So Mick, don’t worry. We’re always here for you… Wait for us. We love you our dear Mickey…

Nang Mims


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