Hidden and not so hidden thoughts

I wrote this piece for my benefit. Don’t expect to read much about why I am voting for Gibo since I openly express those…
During the 2004 Presidential Elections, I voted for Raul Roco+. He wasn’t the most popular candidate. He didn’t top any surveys. And somehow, I had a very ‘bad’ feeling that he wasn’t going to win. Still, I voted for him. I believed (and I still do) that he was the best candidate. A lot of people opted to vote for someone else more ‘popular’ because they ‘knew’ Roco+ would not win coz he wasn’t ‘popular’ enough. They were right. Raul Roco+ didn’t win. Despite this fact, I know that I didn’t waste my vote because I voted for the best candidate.

So on May 10, 2010, I will travel 320++ kilometers to vote for Gibo Teodoro. I don’t mind spending money just to go home and vote. I don’t mind travelling for 5 hours from Dumaguete to Cebu by bus. I don’t mind the 30minute taxi-ride from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to the Mactan Airport. I don’t mind spending another hour or two in the airport waiting area. And I don’t mind the 30minute plane ride from Cebu to Tacloban. Why? Because my vote counts—just like yours.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am voting for a better Philippines. That’s why I am voting for Gibo.
If, prior to November 19, 2010, you asked me who Gibo was, I would probably have given you a blank stare with a big question mark on my face. I had NO idea who he was for I didn’t care much about politics. Then ‘people’ started bashing him because of his (apparent) affiliation/s with the Arroyo Government. “He’s the best amongst all the candidates but I won’t vote for him because he’s the puppet of PGMA.” “He’s good but he’s with the administration.” Four days after he was proclaimed the standard bearer of Lakas-Kampi-CMD, the Maguindanao Massacre+ happened. More bashing. But despite all the negativity surrounding his candidacy, words like “smart”, “intelligent”, “best candidate”, “humble” (and the likes) will always surface. I got curious and did my own research.

I didn’t just research about Gibo. I researched about the other candidates as well. After doing my own research, I realized that I HAVE NO REASON NOT TO VOTE FOR GIBO. But you know what? When I was doing my research, I realized that I loved my country. I do…. Due to this realization, it dawned to me that I had to take responsibility and take action. I can no longer just sit on the sidelines. I needed my voice to be heard.

The May 10, 2010 Presidential Elections is NOT JUST ABOUT the next six (6) years!!! It goes beyond that. What makes me say that? [I feel like I’m losing my mind because I’m going to answer my own question]
Decisions/choices made by our past Presidents/Leaders still affect us TODAY and will still affect us TOMORROW. I was just an itch in my father’s balls when Martial Law was declared until the time it was lifted. Though I was born (more than) a year after it was lifted, the consequences of Marcos’ dictatorial rule still affect me today and will still affect me tomorrow. I was just six (6) years old when Marcos+ asked (or tried to ask Cory thru Doy+) permission to die in his own country and in return he will give 90% of his worldly possessions (back) to the Filipino people. What was Cory’s decision? We all know the answer to this. Because of her decision (or lack of), I have to shoulder a part of my country’s debt. I don’t mind paying my taxes. But it bothers me knowing that if only she accepted that offer, my tax money will be put to better use than just paying off a debt that another president incurred due to his greed (plus his wife’s shopping addiction!).

As you can see, the ‘consequences’ (good or bad) are carried forward—not written off.
What if (*IF) Gibo loses? Will the next president be able to handle all the issues/concerns that our country is facing right now? Is he going to be another puppet of “what’s popular and convenient”? Is he going to be full of hatred and divide our country further? Is he going to be another tyrant? Will he be close-minded and resist positive change? Will he be able to keep our economy afloat and ensure that we get to keep our jobs? I can go on and on but the answers to these questions would have to wait until after May 10, 2010.
Can I be mean right now???!!!! It is really hard not to be. Can I just air out the truth? There is a need for me to be mean… If I am wrong, let me know… So here’s me being mean:
YOU! I am not going to vote for you because I have no reason to vote for you. NONE AT ALL. I can’t even talk or comment on issues regarding you coz there is nothing to talk about or comment on. If I have to talk, it’s just going to be about your parents. The Filipino’s ignorance regarding your mother’s (disastrous) administration literally astounds me. You cannot say that your family is not corrupt or has no history of corruption! That is a blatant lie and you know it! And the Filipinos believe it! I don’t know who’s more pathetic, you or the people who actually believe that your hands (and your family’s) are clean. Corruption is not the ONLY reason behind poverty. Hello!?!?! Are you so daft that you can’t think of any other reason that causes poverty??? You PROMISED TO STOP CORRUPTION if you become president. You have 6 years. Well, if you need more than 6 years, you can always abolish the constitution, declare martial law, become the Prime Minister… blah blah blah…
YOU! I am not going to vote for you because you are surrounded by a lot of controversies and issues that are still open. You want to help the poor??? You’re a billionaire for crying out loud! Bill Gates is a billionaire! And he’s a philanthropist! You don’t have to be the country’s president just to help out the poor or send children to school… Come on… You spent A LOT OF MONEY for your candidacy. Don’t tell me you never thought about your ROI… Remember the kids that you used in your TV ads? Where are they now? Do they have a scholarship until college already? Medical insurance? Or did they (or their parents) get 20,000 for their talent fee? Yeah yeah… We know your story. You were poor and then blah blah blah blah… So you think that since you’ve been there, you know what to do to already… As they say, you don’t have to be a leper to treat leprosy (or something like that). So there. You claim that if you become president, you will put an end to poverty. Good luck. You have 6 years.
As for the rest of the candidates… (1) You had your chance before… You blew it. BIG TIME. (2) The church and the state should remain separate entities. There is no such thing as a blurry line. Either it’s there or not there. (3) Stay with an NGO. You will be more effective with them. (4) You need to know when and when not to open your mouth. And when you decide to open your mouth, make sure that you’ve done ‘enough smart thinking’. (5) Control your temper. Have some patience. Curtail your profanities. (6) Gather more experience. Try to be a legislator or mayor first.
‘They’ tell me that they are voting for Noynoy because they don’t want Villar to win. They know that Gibo is the right choice. But (according to Pulse Asia and SWS) he’s not popular enough to win, so might as well choose the lesser evil. My take? Why choose the lesser evil? Lesser or not isn’t it still ‘evil’? Gibo is not the kind of candidate that one can brand as the ‘lesser evil’. He is the kind of candidate that one can brand as ‘qualified’ and the ‘right’ choice.
If you are one of the undecided voters, do one thing: Imagine each candidate in the following situations:1) giving the SONA 2) peace talk 3) major disaster 4) ASEAN summit 5) debate amongst presidents 6) civil unrest 7) military exercise 8) UN forum 9) handling criticisms *and think of more situations!
I can only think of one candidate who can handle those situations (stated above) in such a manner that only a true leader can accomplish. Ducky Paredes wrote: “I like the way Gibo handles himself and can even envision him as president – quiet, calm, serene but in total command. He inspires confidence even as his world is in chaos.” I agree with Ducky…
I am for positive change. I am for national unity. I am for a better economy. I am for realistic goals. I am for a better Philippines. Therefore I am for Gibo Teodoro.

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