From my notebook to a planner


Before 2011 ended, I managed to completely use my black (faux leather) notebook. So during the middle of last year, I decided to use the brown notebook (picture above). It’s made out of recycled materials. It’s still half empty (half full). But then someone gave me the red planner (above).

The reason I love notebooks is because it has no dates. So it does not constrict me in using just one page. There are days when I need more than a page or two just to keep up with the things that I need to do or reminders to remind me to remind someone of their reminders. Phew! 

But with the daily planner… uhmmm I really am having a hard time using it. I still go back to my old notebook. I know. With technology and all, why not use it, right? I tried. My phone, outlook, online calendars… But I end up duplicating (sometimes triplicating) my reminders. 

Well, so much for technology. Well, at least now I can use technology to just write/blog.