My something before reaching 30

Does life start when one turns 30 years old? I don’t know. I’m not yet 30 but it feels like my life started when I was 0 years old. But now that I’m nearing the big 3 0, I am feeling kinda old. A bit nervous. And with this feeling comes this great need to accomplish some things, both great and small, before reaching “IT”.

I told myself that before I turn thuuuuurrtttttyyyy (that’s 30 years old, thank you), I have to do or accomplish the following things:

*this is not sorted in any way*

1. Finish reading “The Arabian Nights” ~ this book is a masterpiece, for me anyway. I just have to finish it. Since I’m using DailyLit, it will probably take me a little less over a year to finish it.

2. Finish playing Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands ~ I know. I know. It’s kinda shallow. But the last game I ever finished was Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus. Or was it God of War II?

3. Explore APO Island ~ I moved to Dumaguete more than 10 years ago (1999) for my college education. Until now, I still have yet to visit/explore this island.

4. Get another Pug ~ I love dogs. I love pugs… I lost my Kitkat nearly 2 years ago… I still think of her often. I miss her…

5. Watch a horror flick without closing my eyes or covering my ears ~ I’m already thinking which horror flick… Suggestions?

6. Eat durian ~ The first time I tried, I cried. Silly. I know.

7. Learn how to put on make up ~ This is going to be a challenge. I need YouTube for this. And my sisters to buy me the stuff. ☺

8. Attend a tour by Carlos Celdran ~ If possible, attend it all…

9. Get a copy of Che Guevara’s Motorcyle Diaries ~ and yeah, read it too.

10. Visit the National Museum in Manila ~ I love museums!!! The best museum I’ve been to is The Getty Center in Los Angeles. And I can’t wait to go back!

11. Get another tattoo. ~ I have 3 (4 in reality, but the 4th is a cover-up of sorts hehe) already.

12. Join (and finish!) a 10k run. ~ But first I have to start running. waaaa!

13. Attend a yoga class. ~ I have been planning this for the longest time! Argh! Need to do this soon!

14. Make Bela a pumpkin costume. ~ I tried, it didn’t work. Must try again!

15. See Zoie (our dog) give birth. ~ But first, must get her pregnant!

16. Get hard-bound copies of The Hunger Games (trilogy). ~ Read it already though. At least 3 times!

17. Watch the Band of Brothers AGAIN.

18. Finish learning Deutsch. ~ It’s because of BOB that I enrolled for this when I was still in college. But dropped the subject since I didn’t want to miss out on some things… Like time with my friends. 🙂

19. Try the Zip Line in Southern Leyte. ~ I was already there. But I was (and still AM!) so scared of heights that I could not do it at all!

20. Grow my hair (at least shoulder length). ~ Not that my hair was always short… I just kinda miss my long hair…

21. “Try” to be soda free for a month.

those are the only things I could think of that I could really accomplish before reaching 30. The rest, needs more time. 🙂 Will be blogging about that next time. 🙂