My something before reaching 30

Does life start when one turns 30 years old? I don’t know. I’m not yet 30 but it feels like my life started when I was 0 years old. But now that I’m nearing the big 3 0, I am feeling kinda old. A bit nervous. And with this feeling comes this great need to accomplish some things, both great and small, before reaching “IT”.

I told myself that before I turn thuuuuurrtttttyyyy (that’s 30 years old, thank you), I have to do or accomplish the following things:

*this is not sorted in any way*

1. Finish reading “The Arabian Nights” ~ this book is a masterpiece, for me anyway. I just have to finish it. Since I’m using DailyLit, it will probably take me a little less over a year to finish it.

2. Finish playing Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands ~ I know. I know. It’s kinda shallow. But the last game I ever finished was Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus. Or was it God of War II?

3. Explore APO Island ~ I moved to Dumaguete more than 10 years ago (1999) for my college education. Until now, I still have yet to visit/explore this island.

4. Get another Pug ~ I love dogs. I love pugs… I lost my Kitkat nearly 2 years ago… I still think of her often. I miss her…

5. Watch a horror flick without closing my eyes or covering my ears ~ I’m already thinking which horror flick… Suggestions?

6. Eat durian ~ The first time I tried, I cried. Silly. I know.

7. Learn how to put on make up ~ This is going to be a challenge. I need YouTube for this. And my sisters to buy me the stuff. ☺

8. Attend a tour by Carlos Celdran ~ If possible, attend it all…

9. Get a copy of Che Guevara’s Motorcyle Diaries ~ and yeah, read it too.

10. Visit the National Museum in Manila ~ I love museums!!! The best museum I’ve been to is The Getty Center in Los Angeles. And I can’t wait to go back!

11. Get another tattoo. ~ I have 3 (4 in reality, but the 4th is a cover-up of sorts hehe) already.

12. Join (and finish!) a 10k run. ~ But first I have to start running. waaaa!

13. Attend a yoga class. ~ I have been planning this for the longest time! Argh! Need to do this soon!

14. Make Bela a pumpkin costume. ~ I tried, it didn’t work. Must try again!

15. See Zoie (our dog) give birth. ~ But first, must get her pregnant!

16. Get hard-bound copies of The Hunger Games (trilogy). ~ Read it already though. At least 3 times!

17. Watch the Band of Brothers AGAIN.

18. Finish learning Deutsch. ~ It’s because of BOB that I enrolled for this when I was still in college. But dropped the subject since I didn’t want to miss out on some things… Like time with my friends. 🙂

19. Try the Zip Line in Southern Leyte. ~ I was already there. But I was (and still AM!) so scared of heights that I could not do it at all!

20. Grow my hair (at least shoulder length). ~ Not that my hair was always short… I just kinda miss my long hair…

21. “Try” to be soda free for a month.

those are the only things I could think of that I could really accomplish before reaching 30. The rest, needs more time. 🙂 Will be blogging about that next time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My something before reaching 30

  1. That’s some list you got there Big Sis. Maybe I’ll write one of my own when I feel the big 3-0 hit me. But seriously, 30!? i always thought that’d be when I die… but now, I got so much to live for that dying is no longer an option hahahaha ayaw na ka guol ma 30 ka.. naa paka ana sa kalendaryo. Be worried when you’re 32. tee hee.



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