You reap what you sow

You reap what you sow. If you breed contempt and hate, don’t expect approval and love… It doesn’t work that way… Not all people are saints that even when you spit at them, they would still be amazingly good to you. There are some who would tolerate you, but only to a certain extent. Do not interpret their tolerance as acceptance. ~ Marmelisms


Why can’t other people just accept certain facts? Or maybe they are just too daft to understand?

*daft means stupid. I know you have no clue what that word means. I should give you a dictionary for Christmas. I would love to give some of my brains to you but it would just go to waste knowing that you barely use yours. And yes, I’m being very sarcastic.

Use your brains will ‘yah?! It won’t kill you if you do. ~ Marmelisms

As I…

As I lie here… Nothing. Just checking if this WordPress iPhone app really works. Hehe