[Travelling Light] Marmelisms ~ May 18, 2012

In 2 hours (3AM), I’ll be leaving for Cebu. When I reach Cebu, I will take a fast craft to take me to Ormoc. I’ll reach Ormoc at around 1:30PM. From there, I take a van for Tacloban City. Travel time is approximately 2 hours. Hopefully before 6PM we (now, with my daughter) could take a ride from Tacloban to take us to Ormoc… Then on the same day at 11PM, we take a boat ride to take us to Cebu. We will probably reach Cebu by 5AM the next day… We will ride a bus from Cebu to take us to Lilo-an then another fast craft from Lilo-an to Sibulan. And finally, the last ride… Sibulan to Dumagute. Phew! I guess I’ll be travelling light then! 🙂

Don’t mind the red X. Made a mistake. 🙂

That’s my route for the next 31 or so hours.


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