[CJonTrial] Marmelisms: May 25, 2012

If the CJ acted frail today, people (who hate him–I don’t know why, they don’t even personally know the guy but they talk as if they do!) would say that it’s all a “show” to get “sympathy”. Then the CJ acted himself, then everything that happened days before was really a sham! You see people, no matter what he does or does not do, it doesn’t matter. Why??? Because people like you, who already passed judgement, will never listen! The next time you are being persecuted or in trial (whether in the court room or outside), remind me not to listen to you and remind me to judge you before you say anything. And even if you explain, I will pretend that I do not hear you and I will act like one uneducated piece of sh*t!
I am still not convinced of his innocence and also of his guilt. But because of how people are acting, then maybe he should be convicted to shut you all up! And if by any chance, it is proven that he is innocent (to some extent, coz no one is really innocent), then I hope you all burn in hell (if hell exists)! You double standard hypocrites and bigots!

***Goes to show that the black propaganda of PNoy’s administration worked really really well… I didn’t vote for this SOB! He’s not even paying attention to the economy! Maau unta if only those who voted for him gets to suffer! Pati kami nga wala ni boto niya, na apil! lechugas!***


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