Guilty as Charged

I am guilty of not following through. I have not blogged for 7 months despite my monthly quota of 1 (ONE!) post per month. Where the fuck was I? Or what the fuck was I doing??? Damn. I need to make some changes in my schedule–truly.

Why does it matter anyway? It matters because this blog is for me. And believe it or not, I enjoy reading my (previous) blog posts and most of the time I laugh coz it seems that I am reading as another person. If some people are narcissistic, taking selfies every 5 minutes, then this is my form of narcissism. I would say that this is the lesser evil (not that selfies are evil)–right?

My PC crashed a month ago and all of my photos are stored there. Tsk tsk. So now I’m stuck with my MacBook–not a lot of pictures. Truly.

Anyway… Seven months. Wow. Bela is now a first grader–who excels in Math! I did not see that coming. But according to her Dad, he realized that she liked Math better than English because she prefers puzzles and she likes chess. Chess. CHESS! I can’t even finish a single game! She truly is her father’s kid (though they are not biologically related). She was also asked to represent her class for a Math challenge.

With everything that happened while I was ‘away’ (more like being lazy), I think it would be best to write a few (or maybe several) posts about those.

While I ponder on what to write next, enjoy these photos of Uncle Ado:




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