10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

OH MY!!! 5th day for the 10-Day Blog Challenge!

Six things I wish I’d never done.

1. Got married at 23.
There was no pressure to get married. I wasn’t even pregnant. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t change it. Because if I did, I wouldn’t have my Belapot. And I cannot imagine my life without her.

2. Took BSBCA as my bachelors degree.
When I took the SUAPE, I had to choose 3 degrees that I wanted to earn. I chose Social Work, Psychology, and Accountancy. Though my exam scores allowed me to take any degree I wanted, I ended up earning a degree in BSBCA (Business Computer Applications) because my dad (he’s no longer in our life) said that IT was the new ‘it’. HOWEVER, if I didn’t pursue it (10++ years ago), I wouldn’t have met my awesome college friends. I wouldn’t have ended in the Tech Support Industry. In the end, I would not have Bela.

3. Moved to Dumaguete in 2009.
Career-wise, I would be rocking it still. HOWEVER, I would not have met Bela’s awesome 2nd dad and it would just be Bela and me. Boohoo

4. Resigned from eTelecare in 2008.
HOWEVER, if I didn’t leave eTelecare, I’d still be in my comfort zone and (perhaps) not learn new skills–like start-ups.

5. Ate too much.
BUT BUT BUT! Now I appreciate what I had before. And now I’m working hard to be healthy and fit again.

6. Left Kitkat in Tacloban.
I should have brought her with me when I got Bela from Tacloban. I should have taken care of her during her last few months. I should have been holding her when she went to the rainbow bridge. For this, there is no HOWEVER.

Though it says “Six Things I wish I’d never done”, there is truly just one. Everything else had to be part of my past in order for me to reach where I am right now. Life is not perfect–and I don’t wish it to be. It is in life’s imperfections that we learn to appreciate what we have, what we don’t have, what we used to have, and what we will have.

Yes, I could have made better choices. But those choices might not have been right (for me) in the long run.

10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 4

Almost half-way there! Still ‘almost’ because it’s still Day 4!

What are the 7 things that crosses my mind–a lot?

1. What to eat?
I am in the perpetual state of “I think I am hungry” since I confuse boredom and stress with hunger.

2. How the fuck do I lose the extra pounds without proper diet and exercise?
I know it’s impossible but I still think about it.

3. There’s something in my left ear. I know it! Something crawled inside my left ear while I was sleeping!!!
Yup, paranoid like that.

4. What will Bela’s degree be?
Ultimately, it’s not really my choice, but I still think about it. If it were my choice, Doctor or Veterinarian. But she wants to have a business–a toy making business.

5. What is my dog and/or cat thinking?
If I could have any superpower, I want to have Eliza Thornberry’s power just so I can communicate with animals–specially my four-legged family members. Oh the stuff that we are going to talk about!!!

6. Dear God…
Despite my mom calling me ‘erehes’, I do believe in God. My diary/journal starts out like that–Dear God. I basically have  my own ‘Dear God’ letters.

7. What to eat? Again.
The struggle is REAL.


10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Woohoo! Day 3! What a feat–for me! I wonder how long this is going to last? I just hope I truly finish this 10-day challenge and then some.

Day 3 is a bit cheesy. I don’t like it at all o_O. But since it’s there, let’s get it over with.

What are the eight ways to win my heart?

1. Makes an effort to connect with my daughter.
Being a single mom is hard.  My first priority is (and will always be) my daughter. When someone makes an effort to connect with my daughter and is actually kind to her, that’s already 1 HUGE point. In the past, people have called my daughter a bastard even though she isn’t. I wasn’t even pregnant when I got married (separated now–the papa that my daughter refers to is my partner of nearly 5 years). But come to think of it, I was never a single mom. I had people who supported me along the way. My family and my friends made sure that my daughter and I were taken care of. My nephew and my male friends stood in as the male figures in my daughter’s life.

2. Has a great sense of humor.

Who would want to be stuck with Mr. Grumpy Pants? I love to laugh. And I would have to say, I’m pretty hilarious myself. I grew up surrounded by people who loved (and still do!) to laugh (Hello Jurasics!). Laughter is the best anesthesia–might not be the best medicine but it sure helps making your tummy ache more than your chest. Continue reading “10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 3”