10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Woohoo! Day 3! What a feat–for me! I wonder how long this is going to last? I just hope I truly finish this 10-day challenge and then some.

Day 3 is a bit cheesy. I don’t like it at all o_O. But since it’s there, let’s get it over with.

What are the eight ways to win my heart?

1. Makes an effort to connect with my daughter.
Being a single mom is hard.  My first priority is (and will always be) my daughter. When someone makes an effort to connect with my daughter and is actually kind to her, that’s already 1 HUGE point. In the past, people have called my daughter a bastard even though she isn’t. I wasn’t even pregnant when I got married (separated now–the papa that my daughter refers to is my partner of nearly 5 years). But come to think of it, I was never a single mom. I had people who supported me along the way. My family and my friends made sure that my daughter and I were taken care of. My nephew and my male friends stood in as the male figures in my daughter’s life.

2. Has a great sense of humor.

Who would want to be stuck with Mr. Grumpy Pants? I love to laugh. And I would have to say, I’m pretty hilarious myself. I grew up surrounded by people who loved (and still do!) to laugh (Hello Jurasics!). Laughter is the best anesthesia–might not be the best medicine but it sure helps making your tummy ache more than your chest.

3. Must love dogs (are you thinking about the movie???).
I. LOVE. DOGS. No further explanation needed. Well, aside from dogs are excellent judges of character.

4. Smells good.
Of course! Why smell like stinky feet??? ***after writing this I took a 3 hour break coz I got bored with the topic***
… 3 hours later

5. Down to earth.
In my dialect, the opposite to this is ‘hambogero’. I think the equivalent in english is douchebag. But I would chose my dialect over the english term because it’s a perfect description of someone who I do not want to be associated with. I ended up describing the opposite. Well. Moving on.

6. Non-shallow.
Took me a bit of time to think of the opposite of ‘non-shallow’ but could not find the right word.

7. Has something between his ears and uses it.
hahaha I don’t even want to describe this in detail because I do not wish to offend anyone (for the time being).

And I’m not even talking about being kind to me or my daughter but being kind to OTHER people. Like the grocery boy or the waitress or the security guard. It irks me when the security guard greets someone and that someone would not even acknowledge the person. So yeah. I think this should have been on the top. But truly, this is really important.

Now this was such a pain (except for number 1 and 8). Grrrrrr. I now realize that this type of topic is not for me. It fucking bores me and gives me chills at times. Makes me NOT want to continue with this challenge. But alas! I already said I would finish it and I’m trying to work on me being a lazy blogger. Wait–NOT A LAZY BLOGGER. Ugh. I need my coffee.



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