10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 4

Almost half-way there! Still ‘almost’ because it’s still Day 4!

What are the 7 things that crosses my mind–a lot?

1. What to eat?
I am in the perpetual state of “I think I am hungry” since I confuse boredom and stress with hunger.

2. How the fuck do I lose the extra pounds without proper diet and exercise?
I know it’s impossible but I still think about it.

3. There’s something in my left ear. I know it! Something crawled inside my left ear while I was sleeping!!!
Yup, paranoid like that.

4. What will Bela’s degree be?
Ultimately, it’s not really my choice, but I still think about it. If it were my choice, Doctor or Veterinarian. But she wants to have a business–a toy making business.

5. What is my dog and/or cat thinking?
If I could have any superpower, I want to have Eliza Thornberry’s power just so I can communicate with animals–specially my four-legged family members. Oh the stuff that we are going to talk about!!!

6. Dear God…
Despite my mom calling me ‘erehes’, I do believe in God. My diary/journal starts out like that–Dear God. I basically have  my own ‘Dear God’ letters.

7. What to eat? Again.
The struggle is REAL.



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