10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 is write 9 things about yourself. SEVERAL months ago, I wrote some random stuff about me and I would assume that what I wrote there does not count. Basically, I need to think about 9 other things about me.

1. I love okra. I can finish an entire plate. But I only like it when it’s steamed. When it’s in a soup, not so much.

2. I can’t stand Pink Bunny from Dibo the Gift Dragon. Her voice is so irritating. She reminds me of a local talk show host from the Philippines.

3. I used to play Magic: The Gathering. I say ‘used to’ because after my husband and I separated, he got ALL the cards. It was an expensive hobby. I once joined a tournament (in Cebu) and I was the only vagina-wielding participant.

4. I shouted when I played this when the zombie mouse ate me.

5. One time, Lloyd and I were out to grab some drinks with our friends. When we went home, I couldn’t hold on to my pee and I peed just outside our gate. We were laughing the entire time. Ohhhhhh… Remembering the warmth of my pee. HAHAHAHAHA

6. One of my favorite places it the Getty’s Museum in Los Angeles. I love museums. My cousin-in-law once took me to museums in Manila. I was in heaven.

7. I was baptized a Roman Catholic on Christmas Day 1982. I don’t practice the religion. I don’t believe in Jesus Christ being the son of God. I consider myself a ‘deist’ or a ‘spiritual’.

8. If it were not for my father, I would have taken social work as my bachelors degree.

9. Little Lulu and Speedy Gonzales are favorites of mine.

This list was less painful than the first one.



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