10-Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Because I neglected my blog for 7 entire months, this is my punishment. I should really get back to writing. I may be getting sloppy with my witty remarks and my crazy outbursts.

This 10-day challenge is just a start. By December, I plan on moving on to the 30-day Blog Challenge PLUS the Photo-a-Day challenge by FatMumSlim.

Where I got this? I Googled it. Really. I found several versions and could not find the original source–thus the ‘too many sources’ disclaimer.

Here I go…

Day 1: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

  1. Dude, I love music–truly, I do. I enjoy listening to it no matter what my mood is. But my house is roughly 15 meters away from your house and I do not appreciate VERY LOUD MUSIC at 6:30 in the morning (and ends at 9AM). It’s funny coz your music choice is just like mine–mixed. But dude, not the same genre. And another, lose those Bisaya version of English songs. It’s fine if it’s just Bisaya, but when it’s dirty, I cringe. I have a 6-year old kid and I do not want to answer awkward questions like “why did he sing ‘your butt is tasty’ (lami ka ug lobot)?”.
  2. Your ex is kinda creepy. She still writes about you 5 years after you broke up.
  3. I still have not forgotten what you said about me. And every time I remember you calling my kid a bastard, my blood boils.
  4. Siblings watch out for each other. I’m lucky to have such siblings. You, on the other hand, need to learn how to take care of your brother.
  5. I love you mom. (I will text her after this post)
  6. Stop with the duck-face. You are not a duck.
  7. Everything will turn out okay. It’s going to be a rough start but the bumps will help you navigate life.
  8. I wish I was there with you during the PTA meeting.
  9. Your kid is a bully. Were you or are you a bully too?
  10. You’re not welcome here.

This was a lot harder than what I expected because to be honest, I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. With my list,  I realized that I truly hold grudges. Need to change that. Exhale the negative. Inhale the positive. Exhale the negative. Inhale the fart. Kidding.



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