Father’s Day 2006

***Didn’t I mention that I’m transferring some stuff from my old blog site/s to this? Anyway, this I wrote (as you can see in the title) several years ago. During this time, I  think I still didn’t know the real score between my parents. You’ll see.***

I  greeted all my father friends and those who I consider as my second father today… Funny thing is I didn’t get to greet my own father a happy father’s day… If only I could then I would…
I grew up with my mom and my siblings. My father was always out of the country—working. Until such time that he left—for good. It was hard. It still is. But according to my sister, he already moved on—without us. I should do the same thing. I know that she is right.

I envy those kids who grew up with their family intact. I hope that they see it as a big blessing. I frown at the thought of other kids wishing that they didn’t have parents. How selfish. They don’t know how life is without a father.

I remember just a little bit of happy moments with my dad. I can’t even remember a time that we went out as a family. I just remember being with my mom and my siblings. I was happy. But human as I am, I still think about life with a dad.

I look at my family right now. It’s full of mighty bond (the glue). We’ve been broken in so many places that it’s hard for me to look for an unbroken spot. But despite all these broken parts, I find it hard to think of myself belonging to another family. Yes, things could have been better but I have a feeling that all is for the best—according to God’s Will.

Dad, if you ever get to read this, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY for today and for always…

For my Lolo, I miss you… Happy Father’s day to you…

To all the Dads… Tatays… Papas… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY…

And for God, thank you… For blessing me with people who are like a father to me.

***After pasting my piece (above), I decided to insert a picture of my family with my dad. But wtf! I could only find this picture and his 2×2 ID picture!!! Well, better read my next entry.***

So… I’m the one wearing a vest. This was taken 17 or 18 years ago. Well, in this pic, you pretty much know where my dad is. This was on Christmas Day. I remember this so well because when he was still around, every Christmas Day, we have our ‘helpers’ (In the Philippines–esp in the Visayas, our term is “SA-OP”. Those who live in my mom’s land and pretty much those who help us in our own house) and their family come over and we give them presents, food, and just have fun with them. I miss those times…


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