[Moment with Bela] Marmelisms ~ June 10, 2012

I know that I rarely post pictures of myself in this blog, so my apologies for this post. 😀 BUT! My excuse is my daughter.

Sunday morning pictures with my daughter, Ysabel Angela. We fondly call her Bela. And NO, not because of the Twilight franchise. The first time I watched the movie (and heard about it) was November 2009. My daughter was born December 2007. So there. I just felt that I needed to explain.

Seems like my baby is already a ‘little girl’. The other day she was singing the intro of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’. I was like –> o_O, wondering who taught her the song. Then she asks me, “Ma, do you know Lady Gaga?”. I was like ‘whaaaaaaat???’. Anyway, I had no clue she even knew Lady Gaga. Then I found out my niece taught her the song and ‘introduced’ her to Lady Gaga.

I can’t believe that she’ll be in kindergarten in a few days… She’s growing up way too fast. I should probably start blogging FOR her. Just need to figure out how to use menus here in WP.

Happy Sunday!


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