Forest Camp [Valencia, Negros Oriental] Philippines

I remember visiting this place when I was still in college. More or less 10 years ago. They just had 3 fresh-water swimming pools and a slide that would take you to the flowing river.

This pool didn’t change much over the years. Or the 2 pools beside it. But now, they made a slide just by the kiddie pool.

Don’t worry about the color of the water. They change it regularly and they clean the pools as well. I know so coz the last time we were here, we saw them clean it. Continue reading “Forest Camp [Valencia, Negros Oriental] Philippines”

Kalanggaman Island [Palompon, Leyte] Philippines

White sand all over






















This small island is located in Leyte, specifically in Palompom.  My family and I visited this island a few years back (2011). During that year, there were no overnight huts, just regular huts that visitors can use for the day. I noticed some who brought tents to stay in overnight.  Continue reading “Kalanggaman Island [Palompon, Leyte] Philippines”