Forest Camp [Valencia, Negros Oriental] Philippines

I remember visiting this place when I was still in college. More or less 10 years ago. They just had 3 fresh-water swimming pools and a slide that would take you to the flowing river.

This pool didn’t change much over the years. Or the 2 pools beside it. But now, they made a slide just by the kiddie pool.

Don’t worry about the color of the water. They change it regularly and they clean the pools as well. I know so coz the last time we were here, we saw them clean it.

My family and I stayed in this hut for a night. When we left, we wished we stayed for more than a night. It’s not air-conditioned, but I tell you, there’s no need for it. It’s cold at night, even in the afternoon. This hut could easily accommodate 10-15 people. It has 2 baths and some 10 or so cots upstairs.

On the first floor, 2 beds.

FYI. No TV sets in the rooms. I think there’s only one TV set for the entire camp and it’s by the restaurant.

This is the smaller bed on the first floor.

The wishing well just below our hut.

Oh yeah! One can fish! You have to pay for the fish you catch though. They have two ponds for this.

If you’d rather be adventurous, you can always ditch the pool and go to the river instead.

This was taken by the hanging bridge.

The camp at night.

These are the newer pools that they have. They drained the water so that they could clean it.

My nephew lost a bet so he had to take a dip and the water was uber cold. hehe This was by the newer pools.
As always, my family and I had a grand time. I want to go back soon…
For very obvious reasons.
The Forest Camp
Valencia, Negros Oriental
Contact Nos: (035) 422 7027; 0917-271-1806
Entrance Fee (day campers)
Adults 80.00
Children 60.00 (9 yrs old and below)

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