Homo. Hetero. Bi.

It’s 2014 and it still boggles me that some people are hateful towards other people who are different from them. I would understand when someone is not PRO homosexual couples. What I don’t understand is the HATE. We have our own beliefs but it does not mean that we should force our beliefs to someone else. Discussions or even disagreements are normal, but there truly is no need to spread the hate.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, why not? We are talking about individuals here, it’s not about their sexual orientation. What is the harm there? Some would argue that we are setting the wrong example for the younger generation. What wrong example? The only example the younger generation should see is this: people being kind to others, especially to those who can do them no favors. There is no greater example than that.

Did you know that there are 83 countries and/or political entities with anti-homosexuality laws? With that said, I would say that humanity still has a long way to go before we eliminate discrimination (of all sorts). Remember that it took a long time for people to accept that the world was not flat. It will probably take more time than that though.

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